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Start with the basics

Ready for a more rewarding financial journey? From direct deposit to opening an account, your first step begins here.

Opening an Account in Person

Stop by one of our convenient locations and begin banking with Macatawa. You only need to meet a few basic qualifications to get started.

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Opening an Online Account

Ready to open an online account? You only need to meet a few basic qualifications to get started.

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Depositing Digitally

Make deposits with your smartphone. Simply snap a picture of the front and back of your check, hit send, and you’re in business.

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Direct Deposit

Save your company time and money by having your paycheck deposited directly into a savings or checking account.

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Spend with confidence

Whether it’s paying bills or splurging on shoes, discover solutions ranging from checking to digital payments to overdraft protection.


Our lineup of checking options comes full of perks instead of hassles, including personal Online Banking, ATM card, and a free rewards debit card. 

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Pay Digitally

If you’re enrolled in Online Banking, you’ll find Bill Pay to be an easy way to manage your payments. 

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Identity Theft

Address identity theft from every possible angle. Choose from our full suite of fraud protection services.

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Protection from Overdrafts

Rest a little easier with protection ranging from Standard Coverage to Overdraft Privilege. 

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Plans that pay off

Whether it’s a savings account, an HSA, or wealth management, give your money a game plan.

Basic Saving

You’ve got financial goals. We’ve got ways to help you reach them. For basic savings and investing, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Managing Wealth

You’re wealth is worthy of a strategic plan. Maximize your long-term assets with our team of experts.

Learn more about managing your wealth

Financial Planning

Approachable and highly knowledgeable, our advisers are here to guide you through a world of investment possibilities.

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Personal Service

From paying bills to planning for the future, we put a friendly face on your banking experience. 

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Take the burden out of borrowing.

Fund your dreams without losing any sleep in the process. For a home, a car or…you name it, see what’s possible.


Whether it’s a fixed rate loan, an ARM, or a construction loan, we can help finance your future. 

Learn more about mortgage financing

Auto Loan

Ride in style, instead of cramping it, with financing that’s in line with your budget.

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Home Equity

Borrowing against the value of your home has its advantages. Let our experts explain them all.

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Credit Card

Is it time to be rewarded, or time to pay down your other credit card balances? We offer a range of options in step with the way you live. 

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